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Customer Name: Jack M
Customer Location: USA
Great company! Strongly recommend using them!

Customer Name: Barrak AlSarraf
Customer Location: Kuwait
Honestly, at first I thought this site was a scam but man was I proven wrong. The customer support responded to my questions in a timely manner and they delivered the character as promised. I highley recommend using this site if you are looking for a character.

Customer Name: Graeme Q
Customer Location: London, UK
I must admit, I was dubious about this site and when I didn't receive an order number, it got me worried.rnrnPatience is a virtua (and one I lack) :) Everything went through perfectly and the email support was pretty good. I'd happy use this service again

Customer Name: James
Customer Location: US
Love my new account. Their slogan is right, this is truly a source you can trust!

Customer Name: Ian
Customer Location: Bristol, UK
OK, so, I was a bit impatient after ordering and started to panic. No need, was part of verification process and once that was sorted out I had my account within 1 working day. Nice work, and sorry!

Customer Name: Victor
Customer Location: Arizona, USA
Was slow at the start but as soon as I got in touch with them, everything went smoothly.

Customer Name: Jeff
Customer Location: Minny, USA
Top notch service. Everything worked on great with my transaction with them.

Customer Name: Lax
Customer Location: Kansas, USA
A+ Thank you accountgear for this awesome account. Will let all my friends know about your company.

Customer Name: Rich
Customer Location: Texas
Well done AccountGear. You definitely sold me. I will continue buying from you as you are 1000x better than those awful chinese scams.rnrn- Yours TrulyrnrnRich

Customer Name: Roberto
Customer Location: South Africa
I didn't run into any problems or delays at all. That was nice.

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I can tell you that they do live up to their 100% lifetime satisfaction. I had a problem with my account, and it is funny because it was actually my fault. They did replace the account no questions asked so I really appreciate what they did and figured i'd leave them some good credit and a good testimonial even though it was my fault for botting in game.
-Wilson Curry, Chicago IL

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